12 Best Woodworking YouTube Channels For Beginners (2021)

YouTube channels are now one of the most popular ways to learn new languages, arts, and crafts. And nowadays, woodworking has become one of the top searched topics on YouTube. That’s why today, I will introduce you to some of the best woodworking YouTube channels for beginners.

Woodwork does not have a lot of hard and fast rules. Still, you need to follow some instructions to build anything from a scratch. But it will become more challenging if the person in the woodworking instructional videos fails to explain them adequately.

I have gone through numerous channels to find the ones that are better than the rest. But before going through the list, here is a small tip for you.

If you’re already into woodworking then you might be familiar with the amount of dust produced in the workshop. So grab your dust collector before it causes serious health problems. Also don’t forget to find out the differences between different dust collection systems!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best woodworking YouTube channels to follow in 2021.

  1. Doug Linker

Doug Linker is one of my favorite woodworkers on YouTube. He is well-known among woodworkers, especially beginners, because he makes wood carving look easier. And his 212K subscribers say a lot about this work.

In his words, he will help anything that floats your boat. From birds, gnomes, bears, or spoons, he will carve anything. In his videos, Doug carves different shapes using pencils and carving knives.

Honestly, it feels like watching a magician performing his tricks. He also talks about the tools one needs to get the jobs done and other hacks. So if you are into carving and crafting, it is a must-follow channel for you.

2. This Woodwork

Alex Harris owns this YouTube channel. And he is one of the youngest and talented woodworkers. Alex is now in his 20s, but his passion for woodwork began when he was a teenager.

His woodworking projects involve almost anything. You will watch him making shoe racks, coffee tables, mirrors with leather hangers, photo frames, wooden hanging hooks, and more. My favorite ones are the videos where he made a wristwatch and a wireless computer mouse.

The videos of his channel are well-explained with every detail you need to know. In my opinion, it is a perfect YouTube channel for novice woodworkers.

3. Make Something

Not all novice woodworkers want to start in the same way. And you are a newbie but looking for a little more advanced woodwork tutorials. Make Something is what you need.

The cheerful guy you will see on the videos is David Picciuto, and his channel has more than 752k subscribers. Almost all his videos are around 10-18 minutes long. But, he demonstrates everything perfectly in such a short time.

However, you must pay good attention to the tutorials as the videos are often fast-forwarded. Nevertheless, you will love how David makes unique-designed tables, spoons, different boxes, etc. He even made a thick cutting board out of scrapes that looked incredible.

4. WoodWorkWeb

This channel never fails to get a hold of my attention. It is one of the best woodworking YouTube channels for beginners because of the content it has. Here, Colin Knecht shares many essential woodworking tips and techniques that help beginners work like a professional.

Is this channel only about tips? No, it is not only about tips. Colin also provides tutorials on different woodwork pieces. Furthermore, he talks about cutting and crafting tools, reviews them, and shares more things vital for newbies.

Colin has the magical ability when it comes to making frames. He will show you how to make frames of different sizes and share tips and hacks simultaneously.

5. Jonas Olsen Woodcraft

Jonas’s woodwork is wild. No, I did not say that as an expression. They are wild because his woodworks feature rhinos, wolves, turtles, dragon skeletons, and other mythical creatures.

He also makes beer bottle openers, cups, and more with such designs. You can get a wild and Viking-like vibe from his works. Jonas is an excellent artist as well, which helps bring out more detailed results in his works.

So, when you try the carving on your own, I’m sure you will feel the vibe when you work on them. Though Jonas will not talk a lot throughout the video, his action and work will speak more.

6. CarvingandSuch

Nothing can be more powerful than making people drop their jaw, whether it is because they were awed or terrified. And you will see these carvings unfold and listen to soothing music in the video at the same time.

CarvingandSuch is a channel with carving woodworking videos free for all. The craftsman will show you how to carve different humans, animals, or birds’ faces out of wooden pieces.

And there will be links in each video’s description to purchase necessary carving tools. You can get a discount if you get them from that particular store.

7. The Samurai Carpenter

I love The Samurai Carpenter works. I believe he is one of the best woodworkers on YouTube.

Just as a samurai is energetic, pays his concentration and devotion to his skill and work, the channel’s owner works in the very same way. You will see how he dedicates himself to his projects. And the videos will give you the motivation to do your work and improve your skill.

However, his videos are not precisely for freshers. If you have the basic ideas regarding woodwork, the videos will give you enough ideas for creating new things.

8. Cornelius Creations

Matt, the owner, has one of the coolest woodworking YouTube channels for beginners. He shows tutorials on different power crafting on woods and leathers for beginners and professionals in this channel.

The videos will work like free online woodworking classes for you. The tips you will find here will allow you to use them in other crafting and carving areas. One of Matt’s work specialties is carving letters and designs out of wood in artistic ways.

And every artisan has some working secrets. Matt shares them without hesitation to help others be better woodworkers.

9. Carving Fusion By Jordy Johnson

Here is a little back story about this channel’s owner Jordy Johnson. Jordy suffered from a traumatic brain injury around 10 years ago. After that, he had a tough time understanding what to do. And at one point, Jordy started drawing, painting, and wood carving to find a purpose.

Jordy’s story is inspiring enough to make Carving Fusion a popular woodworking YouTube channel. There are real-time videos to understand the carving process with Dremel bits and develop your skill.

The only thing that may bother you is that some videos are for members only. You have to join the channel to get access to them.

10. Ryan Cook Carvin

No, this channel is not about cooking. However, it definitely has everything about carving. The channel owner has a unique way of presenting his works.

Sometimes, he will show you only what he is doing without giving away much information. But the other times, you will see close-up videos of real-time wood carving tutorials. He also shares carving tips, which are helpful for beginners.

For carving, he uses everything from Dremel bits to chainsaws. But don’t worry if they seem too challenging for you to try. You can always try them later when you master the carving skill.

11. Just Carve Rob

If you are a big fan of carving miniature models out of wood, Just Carve Rob will be a fun channel for you. Here, Rob makes carving fun and interesting with funny talking and describing everything.

So, what will you find on this channel? As I mentioned, it is mainly about carving mini models. But there are reviews on crafting tools that are helpful to know which ones are more effective.

Though most of the videos are short as the carvings are simple and easy, there are long duration works as well. In that case, Rob makes a series of such videos to let you learn step-by-step.

12. Woodart Vietnam

My jaw dropped on the floor after I saw just the thumbnails of this channel’s contents. Woodart Vietnam is one of the best YouTube channels to learn woodworking online for advanced carvers. But that does not mean a beginner cannot learn from it.

This mind-blowing carving channel has more than 869K subscribers. And most of the videos have millions of views. If you are a gamer, you are likely to get addicted to watching these videos.

The channel owner Duy brings out superheroes, mythical and manga characters with realistic details. You will see how patiently he carves out each part using various tools.


These were the best woodworking YouTube channels for beginners that I came across. All of these channels are informative and helpful for anyone who has enough passion for woodwork.

Crafting and carving can benefit you both financially and mentally. So don’t give up if you find everything quite challenging around the beginning. That’s a part of learning woodwork or anything else.

And if you want to master the skill of woodwork, pay more attention to the tips and techniques shown in the videos. Those are going to help you more to create designs with precision and flawlessly.

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