5 Best Dust Collection System For Small Shop (2021)

One of the hazards of working in small shops is that they appear messier when a small amount of dust and debris gather. But for the sake of your health, keeping your workshop dust-free is essential. This is why you should install the best dust collection system for small shop.

This simple mechanical system allows you to vacuum dust without much effort. It keeps the shop cleaner and gives you better visibility. However, it can get really confusing when you are shopping for a dust collection system, especially for small shops.

So, after tons of coffee and hours of thorough research, today I will discuss about the top 5 small shop dust collection systems. But if you are in a hurry, do check out my elite pick.

I stand fully behind the Powertec DC5370 for plenty of reasons. First of all, it is small and easily portable. Its compact design allows you to carry around or install it anywhere you want, including on the wall. A powerful 1 HP motor and 537 CFM suction capacity make it a suitable dust collector for small shops.

But if you do have the time, go through the reviews to understand what features each of these dust collection systems have to offer.

5 Best Dust Collection System For Small Shop: Comparison Table

If you don’t want to go through the entire review, you can take a look at the following comparison table.

Model   AMPs Motor Air Flow/Suction Price
POWERTEC DC5370 3.5 1 HP 537 CFM Check Price
SHOP FOX W1685 16 1.5 HP 1280 CFM Check Price
SHOP FOX W1826 3.5 1 HP 537 CFM Check Price
DEWALT DWV010 Dust Extractor 15 N/A 150 CFM Check Price
WEN 3401 5.7 N/A 660 CFM Check Price

The comparison table is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have enough time in hand, I will urge you to read the following small shop dust collection system reviews to understand the products better.

Reviews Of The Best Dust Collection System For Small Shop

1. POWERTEC DC5370 – Small Shop Single Stage Dust Collector

Professionals believe that the Powertec DC5370 is among the best dust collectors for small shops. This high-performing machine is suitable for filtering any dust and debris. It has a wall-mounting option, has a compact design, and cleans up dust and debris quickly.

Features & Benefits

  • The Powertec DC5370 is a wall-mounted dust collector. It is designed in this way to leave you with extra floor space.
  • The package includes a 2.5-micron filter bag. Its 4-inch hole sucks in any size of particles, and the bag inflates 44 inches, which is enough for carrying a good amount of particles.
  • This dust collector has a 537 CFM airflow or suction capacity, which is impressive for a small dust collector like this. It lets the machine clean dust faster.
  • As for its powerful performance, it has a 1 horsepower motor and two different voltages. You can switch between the dual voltages to use the power of your preference.


  • Its compact design makes it suitable for small shops.
  • The Wall-mount feature gives you better access and saves floor space.
  • The filter bags gather a vast amount of debris of any size.
  • The machine is easy to assemble and install, which makes it easier to use.
  • Its powerful motor is reliable and efficient.


  • Its 1 HP motor and airflow level make it suitable for small shops only. It is not powerful enough for large shops.
  • Compared to its high-performing ability, the warranty period is slightly low.


The Powertec DC5370 is a robust and efficient dust collector. Although it is not powerful enough for large shops, any small shop owner would consider it a respiratory system saver.

To find more reasons to know why you should purchase this dust collector, check it out on Amazon.

2. SHOP FOX W1685 – Best Dust Collector For Small Woodshop

If you want a dust collector that draws the smallest microns of particles from the air, you need the Shop Fox W1685. This single-stage motor machine has a plug to connect it to any standard power outlet. It is portable, affordable, and will last a long time.

Features & Benefits

  • This dust collector has a 2.5-micron filtration bag. It can hold about 5.4 cubic feet of dust and debris and expands to 10.1 inches.
  • It has a 6″ inlet with a removable Y fitting. The 4″ opening draws particles of different sizes. Its impeller is robust, which makes the mechanisms long-lasting.
  • And if you need more reasons to love it, do check out its 1.5 HP motor with a massive 1280 CFM airflow. It means fast and effective dust cleaning and filtration.
  • This dust collection system for small shops weighs 92.8 pounds. Being lightweight puts it into the advantages of portability and ease of use.


  • Its robust motor cleans and filters particles very quickly.
  • It has simple installation instructions.
  • The price is comparatively affordable.
  • Compact design and durable construction.


  • Repairing or replacing parts is pretty costly.
  • Lower-bag’s quality needs some improvements.


I believe the Shop Fox W1685 is a suitable dust collector for any small workshop owner. Besides, you don’t have to go bankrupt to purchase this. Moreover, it will provide you with long-lasting performance.

If you want to know what else you will be getting from this dust collector, check out the latest updates on Amazon.

3. Shop Fox W1826 – Wall Mounted Dust Collector For Small Shop

Here is one more dust collector from Shop Fox. This model is suitable for those who are looking for quality performance at a comparatively budget price. It is yet another dust collector with a small design and robust motor.

Features & Benefits

  • The Shop Fox W1826 model has a wall-mount bracket and a locking system. This system will ensure the dust collector’s installation safety.
  • It comes with a 2.5-micron zipper bag. The bag has a window feature to check the level of dust it is collecting. This feature is helpful to know when you need to clean the bag.
  • With a 537 CFM rating, this dust collector performs with robust cleaning and filtration power. Your shop will stay clean and have a healthy working environment.
  • This dust collector has a pleated filter with an internal paddle brush. If the machine’s efficiency gets diminished because of dust cake, a few turns of the paddle brush against the filter interior will remove the dust cake easily.


  • It has a budget-friendly price with an extended warranty.
  • Internal filter brush helps remove dust cake easily.
  • Its wall-mount installation system allows closer inspection.
  • The powerful motor provides adequate air circulation.


  • The Inlet vent is prone to clogging. So it will need frequent cleaning.
  • It is slightly noisy, which can be irritating sometimes.


So, why should you have it? If it were me, I would easily pick it up for its ease of use, powerful cleaning, and of course, its affordable price.

And if you want this value-worthy dust collector, you can get it from Amazon.

4. DEWALT DWV010 – Best Dust Extractor For Small Workshop

You will find more about dust extractors in my Dust Collector vs. Shop Vac vs. Dust Extractor article. But the DeWalt DWV010 Dust Extractor made it to my list because it is versatile, automatic, and one of the best small workshop dust extraction systems.

Features & Benefits

  • The DeWalt Dust Extractor comes with a 30-second automatic pulse extractor system. It means you don’t have to take a break from work to clean the filter.
  • This extractor provides excellent suction and fast cleaning with a 15 AMPs motor and a 150 CFM airflow. This quality is essential if you have a workshop that does not have a vast space.
  • It has a universal hose connector. The perk of having such a connector is that it provides maximum mobility around your workplace. It means you can transport it from one place to another without any hassle.
  • This dust extractor is exceptional because it comes assembled. You don’t need to spend your time wondering which part goes where. It is also energy-efficient and reliable.


  • Automatic pulse requires less frequent cleaning.
  • Due to its lightweight feature it comes with mobility benefits.
  • It is HEPA certified, which means it is reliable.
  • Even though it has a long cord and hose, it is still easy to manage.


  • Hose material is quite flimsy.
  • The suction can be a little weak sometimes.


This dust extractor is a little low-performing compared to my previous picks. But if I have to give you one good reason to pick it, that will be its ability to make working efficient and less tiring.

To get this effective power tool, check the latest updates on Amazon.

5. WEN 3401 – Best Budget Dust Collector

At the end of my list of the best dust collection system for small shop, I have the Wen 3401 dust collector. The first reason to add this to the list is because of its impressive performance and affordability. It is reliable and powerful enough to clean a small shop.

Features & Benefits

  • While many people underestimate this dust collector, it has a powerful 5.7 AMPs motor. It allows the machine to collect dust at a 660 CFM rate.
  • This dust collector is the least expensive one here. Though it might not be like other top-notch dust collectors, it is robust and reliable enough to do the job.
  • The Wen 3401 can fit a narrow floor space or on the wall. So you don’t have to worry about fitting it somewhere wide. Besides, it weighs only 18.5 pounds, which makes it easy to move around and carry.
  • Another impressive part of this dust collector is that it comes with an onboard carrying handle. Thus, it will be easier to transport and store it.


  • It is one of the few affordable dust collectors.
  • Versatile and user-friendly design for easy handling.
  • The wall-mounting feature saves your floor space.
  • The motor is powerful enough for small shops.
  • This dust collector has flexibility, which makes it easily transportable.


  • The motor is not strong enough to handle large particles.
  • Emptying the filter bag can be a hassle.
  • Comparatively lesser durability than other recommended dust collectors.


It is challenging to find a top-notch dust collector at a budget price. But despite all that, this dust collector has enough quality to handle a small shop. Still, I would ask you to keep your expectations a little low.

Nevertheless, if you want a well-performing dust collector on a tight budget, you can purchase this one from Amazon.

How To Choose The Best Dust Collection System For Small Shop?

What makes a dust collection system exceptional is its size, ability to adapt, excellent airflow or suction capacity, high-power motor, etc. I have prepared this buying guide to help you learn which one is the best dust collector for small shops.


You don’t want to purchase a massive dust collector for a small shop. That’s why I recommend buying a small yet high-performing model.

Before you go to the store, take a rough measurement of the available area where you want to set up the machine. That way, you will not end up with a dust collector that is too big for your shop.

Type Of Debris

If your shop gathers rough or material dust, you will need a different cleaning mechanism. But if there is sawdust or sanding dust, any dust collector will work efficiently.

Air Flow/ Suction Capacity

No matter how many unique qualities the dust collector possesses, it will be useless without adequate airflow or suction capacity. Its CFM or cubic feet per meter rating determines how fast the machine will draw dust and debris.

The CFM rating is calculated using a few factors. Knowing the rating will make it easier for you to understand whether the model you chose is suitable for your shop.


One stage filtration works fine when it comes to filtering sawdust. However, if you have the budget and a high demanding workshop, it is better to get a dust collector that has a two-stage filtration system.

2 stage filtration will cost more than regular models, but they filter larger debris by cutting them into small pieces. I suggest you choose a filtration system that your workshop requires.


The more powerful motor the dust collector has, the more airflow and filtration it will provide. So, you need to pay attention to its motor capacity. The ones with a 1.5 HP motor are among the suitable ones. for professionals.


Portable dust collectors are more suitable for small shops. They come with wheels and allow you to transfer them effortlessly. And with this type of dust collector, you can shift it from one place to another and connect it to different tools.

What’s The Best Way To Use A Small Shop Dust Extraction System?

Small shop dust collectors are comparatively easier to use. You don’t need to go through a lot of steps to set it up or maintain it.

The best way to use this dust collector is to mount it on the wall rather than on the floor. In this way, you will save floor space and keep an eye on the gauge window.

And as these types of dust collectors are small and easy to move, you won’t need a large hose to plug it in. However, if the vacuum cleaner doesn’t fit the dust port, you can purchase a universal adapter to connect them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Does My Dust Collector Lose So Much Suction?

A dust collector can lose suction for the following reasons.

  • It can lose suction if there is a hole in the filter.
  • The exhaust fan might be failing to turn fast, or the belt must be slipping.
  • Issues during installation can cause excessive loss of suction.

Q. How To Make A Dust Collector Out Of A Furnace Blower?

Making a dust collector out of a furnace blower requires some DIY skills. With that skill, you can make such a dust collector by following this tutorial on YouTube.

Q. How Does A Dust Collector Work?

Generally, a dust collector works by drawing dust and debris. It captures the particles through a filter. The filter separates the matter and releases purified air back into the environment.

Q. How Much CFM Do I Need For Dust Collection?

According to billpentz.com‘s study, you need 1000 CFM for fine dust collection. However, you need only 350 CFM for chip collection. So, the CFM rating depends entirely on the type of dust and debris it will collect.

Q. How To Clean A Dust Collector Filter Bag?

 The best way to clean a dust collection filter bag is to turn it inside out. Then use a cold setting, wash it gently with laundry detergent, and air-dry it. And if you want to know more about changing filter bags, airmaxind.com has an answer for you.

Q. Which Filters Do You Replace Single Stage Dust Collector Filters With?

If you have a single-stage dust collector, you can replace its bag with a canister-style filter. However, other filters will work fine with such a dust collector.

Final Verdict

When it comes to purchasing a perfect dust collector, you need something that fulfills all the requirements. And all the dust collectors mentioned above are excellent examples of that. But which one is the best dust collection system for small shop? Well, it is up to you to decide, based on your requirements.

In my opinion, the winner of today’s article is the Powertec DC5370 Dust Collector. The reason is that, unlike most dust collectors, this one filters any dust and particles without an issue. You will be able to attach it to any machine you are using.

Moreover, it has the right motor power, airflow rate, and filtration capacity. So, if you are unsure of picking one from the small shop dust collector reviews, I suggest you choose this one and boost your workshop efficiency.

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